Mineral analysis of some Mothana desert and sedimentary soils


Diagnosis investigation was made for some soils and oxides minerals in desert and sedimentary soils, Al-Muthanna governerate, which were restricts by GPS system. Subsequently, samples were collected from two desert soils sites samples depth (15-0) (15-30 cm) and two sedimentary, Samples were prepared for X-ray diffiration testing for the diagnosis of X-ray fluorescence for the detection and prediction of oxides in these soils. The results revealed that the predominance mineral was kaolinite, followed by mica and chlorite in desert sites. While the dominion of kaolinite and the Playgorskite were followed by chlorite in sedimentary sites.The percentage of iron oxides (1.42-1.48%), aluminum (2.11-2.29%), and silicon (21.23-20.93%) were found in the desert site (1)In the desert site (2) iron oxides were between (1.61-3.12)%, aluminum (3.02-5.10)% and silicon (29.95-32.33%) and high in the oxides of (CaO, MgO and ZrO2),Magnesium oxide (2.27-2.23%), and zircon oxide (0.01-0.02%) at the site (1)The percentage of calcium oxide between (20.80-24.90)% and magnesium oxide (2.52-3.52)%, zircon (0.02%) in the second location, the sedimentary sites were the value of iron oxide between (6.26-6.25%) of site (1) and( 5.87-5.81%) for the site (2) and aluminum oxide (7.82-7.72%) for the site (1)And (8.17-7.95%) of site (2) and silicon oxide (33.22-31.71%) of site (1) and (35.83-34.22%) of site (2) The oxides of (CaO, MgO, ZrO2) (16.41-15.79%) for site (1), (16.10-15.77%) for site (2), magnesium oxide (4.23-4.06%) for site (1) and (5.71-5.67%) for site 2 and zircon oxide (0.01%)(1) and (0.01%) of site (2).