Response of Wheat Varieties Newly Introduced to Different Planting Dates


A field experiment was carried out, during 2016-2017 growing season at research station, agric. College, Samawa to study the performance of Barley cvs. (coa, Nwewya , Nacowy potas and IPA99) sown at four planting dates (1, 15/11 and 1,12/15.). The Results showed Nwewya was the most potent cultivar, since it gave the highest yield (5.31t.h-1) biological yield (13.40 t.h-1) Harvest index (39.12%) . The best sowing date was 1st, November, as it manifested the highest yield (6.72 t.h-1 ), biological yield (19.98 t.h-1), weight of 1000 seeds (37.57g), Number of fertile spikes (485.40), Neweya wheat cultivar sown on 1st, November was the most effective treatments, they gave the highest yield (7.80 t.h-1).