Study of the relationship between the concentration of leptin ,Testosterone and insulin in the infertile men


This study was carried out during the period 25/1/2017 to 20/3/ at AL-Sader Teaching Hospital in Najaf 2018, to investigate the effects of the relationship between the leptin hormone and infertile men, leptin hormone and two hormone (insulin and testosterone ) and some demographic factors as age, weight, height and body mass index on leptin hormone. Fifty blood samples from infertile men and forty blood samples from fertile men were classified in to three aging groups ranged (20-35),(36-45) and (46-55) years ,the values of hormones (leptin ,insulin and testosterone) were examined to find out the correlation between hormone with each other and with infertile men. Significant differences were detected between (p≤0.05) in insulin and leptin levels. Besides significant reductions at (p≤0.05) in testosterone levels confined to age groups (20-35) and (36-45) in infertile men, as compared to fertile men. The result also revealed a positive relationship (p≤0.05) between the body mass index and leptin hormone.