Analog Programmable Circuit Implementation for Memristor


In this work, a new flux controlled memristor circuit is presented. It provides a tool to emulatethe pinched hysteresis loop.When driven the memristor by a bipolar periodic signal, the memristor exhibitsa “pinched hysteresis loop” in the voltage-current plane and starting from some critical frequency, thehysteresis lobe area decreases monotonically as the excitation frequency increases, the pinched hysteresisloop shrinks to a single-valued function when the frequency tends to infinity. The design model numericallysimulated and the physical implementation is achieved by using a field programmable analog array(FPAA). The circuit can be modeled and implemented with a changeable nonlinear function blocks andfixed main system blocks. The simplicity of the specific design method makes this proposed model be a veryengaging option for the design of the memristor.