Design of computerized Health Information System in the Nineveh Health Presidency: Strategic perspective "Applied Study In Ninawa Health Directorate and some Associated Hospitals"


The search aimed to design a health information system in the Ninawa Health Directorate and its affiliated hospitals by analyzing the reality and providing the requirements of design, and then adopting the applications of the health information system of the surveyed organization. The search is an attempt to design a wireless network at the level of the city of Mosul linking the Presidency of Health with other health organizations selected within the city and its periphery.The design has been remarkably successful. The researchers used a set of software tools used in the global business companies with critical business, including the database management system SQL SERVER 2008 as it has many of the capabilities in the field of database management and other programming supplies such ASP.NET. The search showed that the health information system has a positive impact to the areas of business and medical management. The study also showed that there are constraints limiting the possibility of establishing a health information system in an integrated manner including: the weakness of the required funds, and weaknesses in the overall planning of e-health applications,