Designing and Constructing the Strain Sensor Using Microbend Multimode Fiber


The microbend sensor is designed to experience a light loss when force is applied to the sensor. The periodic microbends cause propagating light to couple into higher order modes, the existing higher order modes become unguided modes. Three models of deform cells are fabricated at (3, 5, 8) mm pitchand tested by using MMF and laser source at 850 nm. The maximum output power of (8, 5, 3)mm model is (3, 2.7, 2.55)nW respectively at applied force 5N and the minimum value is (1.9, 1.65, 1.5)nW respectively at 60N.The strain is calculated at different microbend cells ,and the best sensitivity of this sensor for cell 8mm is equal to 0.6nW/N.