The case of Sultan Osman II between the traditions of the past and the steps of reform


The first reformist movement achieved by leader of Osman II empowered the importance by self principles , sultan Osman did not consider the western model but his motivation was diagnosis of country problems at that historical stage . The young sultan with his reforming steps to recover the state’s power and prestige , his dream was to return back to the days of his mighty grand father , sultan Osman had focused on removing some of traditions , habits and other aspects that over passed long time ago, including palace ceremonies and Osman Hareem rule . Also the reform extended to the institution of military and religious , beside to re-apply law of brother kill against the brother , majority of procedures was against the reality of that time reached to level of corrupted and deteriorated institutions . But as consequences of sultan’s steps stirred to negative reaction against young sultan and his ambitions because Osman state’s before his was applying conservative statements . The changes did not bring any satisfaction for institution which they were nude reforming process and un harmonized with sultan policies as a result en counter resentments and strong resistance from member of military institution especially , when they sensed there was danger on their future and existence as a real threat. As consequence of sultan procedures,dis obedience and coup started against him that resulting killing him in a very rude way.