Security of higher education and scientific research in Iraq from the perspective of sustainable development


At the beginning of the 21st century, the higher education sector witnessed noticeable changes in the respect of its foundations and the way of conducting scientific research. Most of the countries around the world have been under the influence of this change as a result of globalization of information. This had a direct influence over the creation of knowledge societies and increasing the ability and protection of user. It was also a good chance who have the ability of inventions to raise the level of the income of scholars and finding job opportunity in the market. All of these led to placing more focus on higher education and to be made a tool to developing the society, also to be made one of the important ways to measure this development. It also had important roles in developing the economic and social situations. Currently, the institutions of higher education have important roles in continuous development of the society. Under the light of what is aforementioned, we tried to conduct this research. The problem of the research lies in the fact that until this moment the higher education has not done its role in the continuous development, furthermore; there are not good procedures for the creation of links between the higher education and the basis for continuous development. The aim of the research is to shot the reality of higher education in Iraq, it also aims at encouraging the conduct of other scientific researches in the field of higher education to develop continuous development. We used data analysis method to arrive at the main aim, we relied on the data provided by UN and Ministry of Higher Education in Iraq and Kurdistan region. The research is divided into the following sections:1.The aim, tools and methods of the research. 2.Identifying the main concepts of the research3.Showing the current reality of higher education in Iraq and its relation with continuous development.4.Analysis of higher education laws and rules.