Measurement of Percentage Depth Dose (PDD) for 6 MeV in water phantom and homogenous actual planning


Radiotherapy is the branch of clinical medicine concerned with the application of ionizing radiation in the treatment of disease. And it is used to killing of cancer cells in a tissue using ionizing radiation while keeping the sparing of healthy cells at acceptable level. X-ray beams are used to deposit absorbed dose at depth within a patient at the site of the tumor. The aim of this work is studying the relationship between the depth dose and the field size in water phantom and homogenous actual planning. In our work, the dose distribution at different depths (zero-18 cm) deep at1cm interval treated with field size (10×10 and 20×20) cm2 were studied.Results show that high similarity between water phantom and actual planning for this reason water is taken as phantom for Quality Assurance (QA) and calculation the depth dose. When increasing the field size, the percentage of surface dose increases that this could be caused by an increase of the amount of scattering in the larger fields. Conclusion: There is almost no difference in depth dose between homogenous planning and water phantom.