Prince of Batilius Omar Bin Al-AfTas and his Role in confronting the Northern Spanish Kingdoms (464 – 489 A.H / 1071-1095 A.D)


The current study uncovers the family of the prince Omar Bin Al-AfTas and to whom he traces back. It also investigates how he ascended to the throne of Botticellus , and his relation with other sects . The study goes on to rake out his attempt to confront the first raids made by the northern Spanish kingdoms led by Alfonso VI on some of its fortress like Qoryia after the collapse of Toledo when he asked for assistance from other sects. Consequently he failed in his demand of which no kingdom responded. Then he and kings of other sects among them the King of Sicily , AlMu’tamad Bin Abad asked for military assistance from the King of MurabiTeen in Morocco after they realize the potential danger represented by the advancing of AlFonso toward conquering their states one by one . Actually this happened in very famous battle named Al-Zallaqa (479 A.H / 1086 A.D). This battle ended with an exciting victory for the Arab Muslims against the Spanish kingdom coalition with the escapement of Alfonso with few of his soldiers. Then disagreements occurred among the kings of sects after returning of Yusuf Bin Tashfen to Morocco for the second time (481 A.H/ 1088 A.D). The continuous disagreements eventually led to destroy all them; the last one was the prince Omar Al-Mutawakil (489 A.H / 1095 A.D). Finally, we have allocated a section that talks about the literary interests of the prince Omar.