Simulation of the mind in the sanitized year A thorough study Modern (the believer as a tree) model


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the faithful Prophet and his family and companions and those who follow them with charity to the Day of Judgment and after: We need to know that the societies in the development and expansion and complexity of more, and this requires us to devise more than the above texts of Sharia and take out the vaults saved and which we recognize in time and time to achieve the rule agreed that Islam is suitable for all time and place, The research dealt with a great style of the Prophet (Peace be upon him), in his call to Islam, and in the education of his companions through the method of simulating the mind and the mechanism of activating his energies and abilities, which God placed in this creature .The researcher's approach in his research summarizes the following: The study of the modern model is an analytical study, the development of scientific scientific research through the modern Hadith, analysis of the results obtained through the deduction of the words of modernists, and reference to the scientific sources considered both depending on the scientific article.