Isolation and Diagnosis of Listeria monocytogenes from some Types of Frozen Meat


The study was conducted in the Department of Food Science laboratories in the Faculty of Agriculture , University of Tikrit for the period from 1/9/2012 to 6/1/2013 , which included the collection (5) different types of food saved freezing and cooling by four brands of each type and by five replicates for each sample from different areas of Salahaddin province minced, meat chicken , liver frozen chicken , Sausage , frozen fish, as it collected samples at random from the markets and different areas of the province of Salahuddin and transferred to the laboratory and preserved in the frozen degree temperature ( -18 ) ° C until a Microbioal tests, as tests included know the total number of aerobic bacteria and the total number of bacteria listeria study also included isolate and diagnose the bacteria L. monocytogenes Results show the to isolate the bacteria L. monocytogenes samples of minced meat and chicken livers and chicken meat and Sausage and frozen fish(10%,5%,10%,5%,5%),respectively, and the number of samples tested (100) sample and the number of bacterial isolated L. monocytogenes(7) isolated the percentage (7%).