Mohammed Hassan Salman and its Social Role in Iraq (1949-1953)


Mohammed Hassan Salman and its Social Role in Iraq (1949-1953) . Hayder Hameed Rasheed Rerearcher. Noor Abood KanbarCollege of Education for women – University of BaghdadAbstractMohammed Hassan Salman is one of the Iraqi national figures who put a clear mark to promote the health institution and to improve the Iraqi people, even it was written about him as "The man who struggled to fight the tuberculosis", He began to struggle against this social courage that has been killing hundreds of Iraqis since his joining of Association for combating tuberculosis in 1999 and his big role in the application of (B-C-G) for the first in Iraq.Since the opening of the institute of combating tuberculosis and his successful management to the hospital of prince Abdul- Elah, which became a pride for the Iraqis at that time. And the most important features of M.H. Salman is the multiple procedures he used in the treatment of patients, and his keen in the patient's psyche, worth and dignity.