A Geographical Analysis of Urban Land Use in Kasab Aoun (Reality and Analysis)


here is no doubt that the study of the uses of urban land is an important window through which the geographical understanding of the process of construction and the functional composition of any urban area, and the importance of studying the functional structure of the urban stability becomes more important when some urban stabilizers suffer from functional and morphological overlap in the nature of their construction between rural indicators and the march of the city Aoun is one of the areas of this spatial conflict between the countryside and the city, which lies north of the city of Karbala at a distance of about (12) km, and has emerged on the node transfer important linking the city of Karbala in the capital Baghdad as well as the religious reality, which arose on the tomb of the grave that kills the connection to the house The religious factors combined with the factors of the geographical dimension of the location of the Kasbah, which today represents one of the suburbs of the city of Karbala, which can play a large role in the urban landscape of the city, so we see in the occasion to highlight the nature of the composition of the functional form that may make the uncle Planning and identifying obstacles to their development and urban development is a matter before the eyes of the officials, and we will use in our study of this approach to reveal the most important spatial facts of the Aoun.