The Effect of Age on Clinical Presentations of Patients with Atrial Fibrillation


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND: Atrial fibrillation(AF) is a supraventricular tachyarrhythmia characterized by uncoordinated atrial activation with consequent deterioration of atrial mechanical function.OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate the effect of the age on clinical presentations of patients with atrial fibrillation.METHODS: This is a descriptive cross sectional study carried out in a tertiary cardiac center for 191 patients with atrial fibrillation who attended the selected hospital for any complaint.Their age was ranging from 18 years and above of both sexes. RESULTS: The more frequent age group for both sexes was between (40-65years). Palpitation was significant presentation in patient above 65 years and dyspnea and hypotention were more in patients below 40 years.The age is also had a significant effect on cardiomegaly on CXR, and on the echocardiographic findings of dilated LA, dilated LV, diastolic dysfunction and segmental wall abnormalities.CONCLUSION: The incidence of atrial fibrillation is age and gender related and age has an important effect on certain clinical presentations.