Geographical distribution of the population of the Indian district of Sinti (1997- 2015)


This study includes spatial variation of the distribution of the population of AL-Hindiyah spend for the years analyzed (1997-2015), where this disparity of distribution is linked to a host of natural and human factors that lead to the variation of the population from one place to another also included research also identify the areas where the population and then find out Ktharathm in every in addition to the development and distribution of numerical and relative environmental area, as marked by the Indian eliminate the rise of population density, which amounted to census 1997 (337) person km. While increased to 591 in 2015 because of their small elimination space in comparison to the size of the growing population, and did not spread population density equally between administrative units came AL-Hindiyah eliminate the center of the first rank of the highest population density and followed by the hand of good things and AL-Gadwall AL-Garbiy snb distnict large area of this unit.compared.other.