Geographical Analysis of the Creative Industry and its Role on Achieving the Economic Development


This research aims to explore the concept of creative industries(activity which restores the production of cultural and creativeworks of original according to the principles of industrial productionand to be marketed as shopping and industrial goods) and its historicaldevelopment ،its components، structure، sources، analysisof the geographical distribution in the different economies of theworld) . In an effort to answer the key question is whether the creativeindustries Have become an important component of economiccompetitiveness in any country through its contribution to GDPand job creation; its impact on other economic areas and creativeindustries can compete with products from industrial products ofAlto Traditional products and provide intermediate inputs interventionin industrial products manufacturing and other services.The research found that creative industries play a role in shapingthe economic base of countries through their economic income،which can support their employees and thus achieve added valuecapable of pushing the development of the countries forward. Itsexports in the world doubled from 2002 to 2009 to reach $ 712billion. They grow at an annual rate of 8%. In 2016، it contributed$ 18.2 trillion to world production (30% of world GDP). Due to thecontrasting geographical، human، economic and historical factorsin the world، the distribution of these industries varied betweentheir political units and their economic systems ; China، the UnitedStates، Italy، Britain، Germany and France are among the most importantexporters of creative goods in 2015. The top 10 countriesaccount for 73.7% of the world's total exports of creative goods in2015