Strategies of Managing International Negotiations Conceptual Framework


Negotiation strategies embody the foundation stone of succeeding any negotiations, they reflect the two negotiation points of view as a science and an art, where they depend on the scientific origins and concepts, besides the personal experiments and skills, they determine the general perception which is formed by them. Negotiation represents a practice process and it asks the negotiator to be aware about the negotiation environment and its frame and strategy, negotiation process has its own conditions and rules, also it has certain laws, so those who practice it have to be stick with these rules and these conditions. So negotiation skills are not arbitrary made, but they are a result of practice and experience, so we can say nature of relationship between the two negotiation sides determines the procedure which is used in the negotiation process, and this procedure determines the selected strategy, then these strategies can be varied and expanded according to the different procedures of negotiation, concentration was made on strategies of mutual interest procedure, challenge procedure, where negotiation relationship among the negotiation parts could be considered either mutual interest relationship which means cooperation or challenge relationship depends on competition or enmity