Effectiveness of Teaching Program on Nurses' Knowledge Concerning the Side Effects of Chemotherapy among Children with Leukemia at Oncology Wards in Baghdad City


Objective(s): to assess the effectiveness of educational program on nurses' knowledge concerning the side effects of chemotherapy among children with leukemia.Methodology: A descriptive analytic (quasi – experimental) design study was carried out at Baghdad City from 2nd of October to 27th of June 2015. Non-probability sample of (35) male and female nurses was selected from the Oncology Wards in Children Welfare, Child's Central and Baghdad Teaching Hospital. The study instruments consisted of two major parts to meet the purposes of study. The first part is related to nurses' demographic characteristics and the second part (four domains) is related to nurses' knowledge concerning the side effects of chemotherapy. The researcher examined the nurses knowledge for each hospital alone by introducing the pre-test then, the teaching program of four lectures was given. Every day, a one – hour lecture was given. Afterward, the post-test. The data were analyzed by using two statistical approaches: Descriptive and Inferential statistics.