226Ra Concentration and 222RnExhalation Rate in Sediments of Euphrates River andSome ItsBranches in Thi-Qar Governorate -Southern Iraq


Many radionuclides in sediments transference are contributing to globalcollective doses. Therefore, monitor of the pollution in sediments was usedwidespread and trace pollution sources. In this study, SSNTDs LR-115 type II areused to provide database about 226Ra concentration and 222Rn exhalation rate interms of area and mass in sediments of Euphrates river and Its some branches inThi-Qar governorate. This data can be used as a reference data for future studiesand it may be useful for complete radioactivity mapping for Iraq republic.226Ra concentration in sediments of Euphrates river and its some branches inThi-Qar governorate varied between (0.742-2.379) Bq/kg with the average valueis (1.498) Bq/kg, while the area exhalation rate of 222Rn varied between (62.52-200.34)mBq.m-2.h-1 with the average value is (126.17) mBq.m-2.h-1, also the massexhalation rate of 222Rn varied between (5.61-17.97) mBq.kg-1.h-1 with the averagevalue is (11.32) mBq.kg-1.h-1. 226Ra concentration in this study was included thelimit recommended by OECD. Also, The results compared with the average of theworld and some other studies