The impact of the Employees Attitudes Dimensions in the Green Organizational Culture An Exploratory Study on employees opinion Sample in AL- Karwanchi company in Kirkuk governorate


The company that tries to overcome the environmental challenges has to adopt a green organizational culture, and in order to adopt this culture, we should know Attitudes of its employees to enhance and modify the environmental desired Attitudes, Therefore, the research Attitudes to know the impact of the dimensions of the employees Attitudes(emotional, knowledgably and behavioral)as an independent variable, and adopting green organizational culture as dependent variable, This has been achieved in AL- Karwanchi in Kirkuk Governorate, the research deals with a sample of (56) employees by distributing a questionnaire for this purpose, the data were have been analyzed using SPSS.20 program, the results crystalized a group of conclusions, the most important is: "the dimensions of the employees Attitudes have an influential role in the adoption green organizational culture in general, and the emotional dimension in particular, which has the bigger influence among the other dimensions." Thus, the research included suggestion that pointed out to the way of boosting and enhancing the dimensions of employees Attitudes to adopt green organizational culture in the researched company.