Treatment of Vitiligo Patients with Narrow Band Ultraviolet Light -B and Associated Predictive Factors (A Prospective Interventional Therapeutic Study)


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND: Vitiligo is a common dermatological disease with a great psychological impact on the life of individual. Narrow band ultraviolet B phototherapy has been used successfully for the treatment of vitiligo with variable results.OBJECTIVE: To assess the response to NB UVB and to identify factors that could predict the response to therapy.Patients and methods: This study is an interventional prospective therapeutic study, had been conducted in the Department of Dermatology and Venereology - Baghdad Teaching Hospital extending from October 2013 to October 2014. Thirty two patients with vitiligo were included in the study , the ages ranged from 8- 35 (18.84±7.86) years, 22 (68.8%) females and 10 (31.2%) males, the body surface area of vitiligo ranged from 2- 60%( 23.8 ± 16.66 ), full history and physical examination , assessment of skin phenotype , daily life quality index before and after completing the 48 sessions. Narrow band phototherapy was given twice weekly, recording of the body surface area of vitiligo was done before the treatment and every 16 sessions till the end of 48 sessions. Documentation of the first response session for every patient, calculation of the total percent of reduction , the main predictive factors and the development of any side effect had been recorded.RESULTS: First response session ranged from 3- 20 (10th ± 4.37) ,the response of patients according to the degree of regimentation was as the following: 3 (9.37%) patients had excellent response, 6 (18.75%) patients had good response , 14 (43.75%) patients had moderate response and 9 (28.12%) patients had poor response. The age of patients and negative hair involvement had a statistically significant correlation to the total percent of reduction. The face was the area of maximum response , The side effects were tolerable and no patient discontinued the treatment due to the side effects. Daily life quality index showed a statistically significant reduction at the end of treatment.CONCLUSION: Narrow band is an effective treatment for vitiligo with few side effects. Age of the patients and absence of hair involvement are favorable predictive features. The face was the area of maximum response.