Commander of the Believer Covenant to Malik Al.Ashtar: Between the Economic Viewpoints and Its Experiences in the Reality of the Iraqi Economy


The covenant takes so prominent a niche in life as Imam Ali dictates Malik Al-Ashtar to rule Egypt and regarded as the most reputed source of rulers a Calipha left to a ruler. It dovetails the science of politics, science of administration and the science of economy altogether and reflects the nexus between them hierarchically; the imam Ali takes the initiative as:This is what Allah decree the worshiper imam Ali to dictate Malik Al-Ashtar to rule Egypt: it is to collect its products, fight its enemy, cultivate its people and renovate its lands; the decree is politics, the covenant is administration, tax collect and the like are economy, in so doing, the imam lays the foundations of the scientific bases of administrating the country and people through a speech transparent, sufficient ,universal, obstinate to be twisted, coherent and void of redundancy.