Caring about orphans and build their families and their Humanism images in Nahj- Al Balaghah


This research is dealing with the definition of Orphans and especial circumstances that he us living with it after his father death and problems that he is suffering from in absence of the father who represent social and economical safety for the family and who is responsible for it. It's obvious this absence will cause a social, family and psychological problems. Maybe some of these little orphans can not understood or adept with it easily. Specially during the ear when the number of orphans increases they art sons of fighters that means sons of homeland's martyrs who must caring about them because that causing a positive effect for the fighters themselves who they are fighting at the battle field and these orphans maybe they are sons of victims from civil people who they are either arrested as hostages and killed at a siege at gunpoint in addition of that the orphans who lost their fathers by accidents and natural disasters as illnesses and car's accidents etc.. also the research showing the importance of orphans caring in Islam and as it was written in the texts of Nahj Al- Balaghah and the reflection of this caring educational, religious, social and psychological on society, fighters and orphans themselves. So that caring about these orphans leads to lifted their spirits (fighters) for what it contains from feeling of safety about their families and sons future in addition of increase believing in reality of their war and they are in god and society care and this research is showing coming texts from Imam Ali biography (peace be upon him) in his treatment with orphans and the reflection of that educational on them and the research is giving knowledge about headlines in Imam Ali (peace be upon him) treatment's with orphans which contains limiting their ages and honor them and satisfy their psychological need and the importance of keeping care about them it also giving knowledge of upbringing patterns that he has reported as upbringing with ignored and upbringing with forgiving and upbringing with playing and many others and lastly it presents a general recommendations.