Steganography Technique using Genetic Algorithm


Steganography is a useful technique that helps in securing data in communication using different data carriers like audio, video, image and text. The most popular type of steganography is image steganography. It mostly uses least significant bit (LSB) technique to hide the data but the probability of detecting the hidden data using this technique is high. RGB is a color model which uses LSB to hide the data in three color channels, where each pixel is represented by three bytes to indicate the intensity of red, green and blue in that pixel. In this paper, steganography based RGB image is proposed which depends on genetic algorithm (GA). GA is used to generate random key that represents the best ordering of secret (image/text) blocks to be hiding in the cover image. Experimental results, obtained from different experimental tests, show that our proposed system proves to be more efficient than another steganography technique presented in literature and in comparison with the original cover image in terms of fidelity criteria and degradation quality of the stego_image