Accuracy Assessment of Various Resolutions Digital Cameras For Close Range Photogrammetry Applications


Due to the great evolution in digital commercial cameras, several studies have addressed the using of such cameras in different civil and close-range applications such as 3D models generation. However, previous studies have not discussed a precise relationship between a camera resolution and the accuracy of the models generated based on images of this camera. Therefore the current study aims to evaluate the accuracy of the derived 3D buildings models captured by different resolution cameras. The digital photogrammetric methods were devoted to derive 3D models using the data of various resolution cameras and analyze their accuracies. This investigation involves selecting three different resolution cameras (low, medium and high) and evaluating their calibration accuracies. Assessing the accuracy of the three selected cameras in capturing indoor and outdoor objects; and analyzing the accuracy and the quality of the produced models. The study revealed that:1) It is recommended to use the photos of a high-resolution camera for producing precise 3D models of objects in the outdoor environment especially when the camera/object distance is more than 40 m because the accuracy of the produced models can be precise (RMSE ±10.36mm) with excellent quality; 2) The Low-resolution camera can be utilised to produce adequate 3D models of object in the indoor environment (RMSE ±6.32mm) especially when the camera/object distance is less than 40 m.