The Contribution of Personalized Marketing in the Exploitation of Marketing Opportunities


The Challenges Facing Organizations are Increasing Nowadays, and this will make Organizations Inventing a new work concepts which helps in removing these challenges . One of these concepts is Personalized Marketing which is Concentrates on Customers .Since the best way to achieve profits and go on in working for a long time is in suitable determination for customer needs. This is Because , The Customer is Regarded as a mean to achieve to profits and survive, So The current Study Concerned with Personalized Marketing as an Independent Dimension and Marketing Opportunities as a dependent one which they explained in the theoretical field of the study.The Researcher was Applied his Study in Mosul City Hospitals . The Problems of the study were exposed in a number of questions which are:1.Is the Studied Hospitals Adopting for the Personalized Marketing Conduces to Exploitation of Marketing Opportunities ?2.Is the Personalized Marketing Contribute in the exploitation of Marketing Opportunities in the Studied Hospitals ?Inorder to Answer these questions the Researcher was formalize a Hypothetical map which explains the relation and effect between the research dimensions, This was produced a number of major and sub branch hypotheses which are tested by using some of statistical means by analyzing data which collected from a question aire .The Questionnaire was distributed to (98) person in the studied Organizations.The study achieve to a number of conclusions, the some important are :1.The Studied Hospitals Adoption for the Personalized Marketing Conducing to exploitation of Marketing Opportunities .Adding to that ,there is a difference in the proportional importance of Marketing Opportunities when the studied Hospitals adopting for Personalized Marketing .2.The Personalized Marketing Contributes in Exploitation of Marketing Opportunities is the Studied Hospitals Also there is a Correlation and Effect between Personalized Marketing and Marketing Opportunities .In the Light of the Study Conclusions the Researcher was gave a number of Suggestions .