Diagnosis of Faulty Induction Motor using different sensor


Single phase induction motor is being the most widely used in different devices at the recent years, which make it a subject to a different failure. This paper presents a measured data calculations and analyzed using different sensors for detecting the single phase induction motor failure. The acoustic wave is currently being used in a wide range of sensing fields including physical sensing, chemical sensing and bio-sensing. One of the most important acoustic sensor is piezoelectric, Piezoelectric was used to detect the acoustic wave generated from these motors, any changes in these acoustic it will be detect to indicate for some occurred failure with in these motors. Another alternative sensor has been used is the modified optical fiber. The modified optical fiber sensor is constructed in a short segment of unshielded the outer sheath and replaced with a cd disk. This fiber was worked as an acoustic sensor by moving the acoustic signal across the fiber tube due to the difference in the refractive index in the 1mm unshielded area. In this study different experiment have been a accomplished and analyzed for detecting the induction motor failure which provided an information that will enable for future modification of sensors