Build Secure Web of Things system to Mange Patient Information Monitoring System


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad term indicating an ecosystem where objects communicate with each other to provide innovative services to end-users .The Web of Things (WoT) extends the IoT by leveraging Web-based languages and protocols to access and control physical objects. The using of the IOT and WOT techniques in order to monitor the patient, and then provide the correct the accurate treatment to the patient requires accurate monitoring. In order to provide this accurate monitoring the patient information needs must be transmitted between the IOT and WOT in secure and fast way in order to provide the required accuracy in the suitable response according to the patient information. In this paper a new proposed system SWOTEH (Secure WoT E_Health) is presented, to provide the security to the information that are collected from the IOT and also to provide security to the WOT access by allowing only the authorized persons to login into the system otherwise the access will be denied, The application of the SWOTEH system has been achieved high efficiency with lower cost, and the time is not affected compared to other systems despite the using of Arduino technologies and Raspberry pi over Internet.