Fabrication of Copper-Graphite MMCs Using Powder Metallurgy Technique


Copper, and its, alloys and composites (being the matrix), are broadly used in the electronic as well as bearing materials due to the excellent thermal and electrical conductivities it has.In this study, powder metallurgy technique was used for the production of copper graphite composite with three volume perc ent of graphite. Processing parameters selected is (900) °C sintering temperature and (90) minutes holding time for samples that were heated in an inert atmosphere (argon gas). Wear test results showed a pronounced improvement in wear resistance as the percent of graphite increased which acts as solid lubricant (where wear rate was decreased by about 88% as compared with pure Cu). Microhardness and compressive strength increased (about 8% and 16%, for each of them) and reached to the maximum values at 1% graphite percentage as compared with pure Cu, then it decreased after that critical graphite concentration. Microstructure test indicated that the dark region in the copper matrix was increased as the percent of graphite increased and the reinforcement particles were homogeneously distributed which means that the powder metallurgy technique is suitable for such task.