Analysis of Image Noise Reduction Using Neural Network


Noise adding methods (impulse and Gaussian) are using in thiswork, adding this type of noise employ to mensuration the image quality asresult, therefore transform of (RGB) colors to another type of colorimpersonation that easy to deal with it, also sensitivity of human eyes to detectthe colors. Applying Noise reduction (mean method, mode method, medianmethod) ,By using a test image, we demonstrate that the filtering structureyields an output image which is significantly better than those of median,weighted median .The program of this work is written with Delphi Language,which have some flexibility to deal with image that's not found in otherlanguage. The great feature of this language and the ability to process theimage in memory (so the processing will be faster and easier), easy to accessthe parameters through the subroutines (however the size of it), showing thestored images that in memory to the displayer through one instruction.