Effect of Laser Pulses on Characterization of Zincoxide Thin Film Prepared by PLD


In this work, ZnO thin films have been deposition using pulsed laserdeposition (PLD) method on glass and Si (111) substrates at different laserpulsed. Some properties of ZnO thin films were studied, the results of XRDexplain Zinc oxidethin films with hexagonal wurtzite structure with thicknessabout 155and 200 nm. FTIR spectrum shows the existence of Zn – O bond thatappear the texture of ZnOnanostructures. The root mean square of thin filmswere explained with the range 8.31–15.2 nm with particle size about 41.6 -45.41and was only slightly dependent on number of laser pulses. Zinc oxide thinfilms showed transmittance of over 80% .The photovoltaic characteristicsindicated an increase the short circuit current-open circuit voltage withillumination power as increased number of laser pulses resulted increasing offilm thickness.