Effect of Nano Carbon Tube on the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Composites Based on Resin Route


In this work, the physical and mechanical properties of nano composites are investigate. The nano composites consist of matrix was polyester resin and 3% volume fractions of glass fibers as reinforcement with (0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, 2 %( volume fractions of carbon nanotube as filler. Samples of nano composite materials in this research have been prepared by hand – layup. The results showed that the sample (UP+3% GF) has higher water absorption than sample net polyester. As can be noted from the results that the sample (UP+3% GF+2% CNTs) has higher value water absorption than other samples. Also can be observed from the results that the sample (UP +3%GF+0.5 CNTs) has high values of hardness (shore D), flexural strength, impact strength and fracture toughness from other (1%, 1.5%, 2%) volume fraction carbon nano tube.