Synthesis and Identification of some (pyrazole, pyridine-2-one, indazole and isoquinol-3-one) Compounds which derived from Chalcone and Evaluation of their Antibacterial


In this study, some of (pyrazole, pyridine-2-one, indazole and isoquinol-3-one), compounds have been prepared which derived from the chalcone compounds. The chalcone compounds have been prepared by reaction of cyclohexanone with substituted benzaldehyde (1-5)and with cinnamaldehyde(6,7) and acetanilide with terephthalaldehyde(8-13) in base medium, the resulting chalcones reacted with succinohydrazide using ethanol as a solvent to produce substituted pyrazole (14-17) and using DMSO as a solvent to produce indazole (22-28). also the chalcones reacted with substituted acetanalide using benzene as a solvent to produce pyridine-2-one (18-21) in base medium and using methanol as a solvent to produce substituted isoquinol-3-one (22-35). The prepared compounds were characterized using physical methods, the precise analysis of elements (C.H.N), infrared IR and 1H-NMR spectroscopy. The antibacterial activity were evaluated of these compounds also.