The Relationship between Human Papilloma virus (HPV) infection and Gene Expression of miRNA-744, BCL-2, CASPASE-3 genes Associated with Cervical Cancer in Iraqi Patients


: Most types of HPV are harmless and some types are high risk and can cause cervical cancer or abnormal cells in the lining of the cervix that sometimes turn into cancer. A total number of 90 subjects (70 Iraqi patients with cervical dysplasia (abnormalities) and 20 apparently healthy women) were included in this study. The patients and healthy were aged between 25-55 years. The molecular detection in our study showed that 30 of patients were positive to HPV and 40 patients were negative to virus compared to negative results in healthy women. The most common genotypes is HPV-16. Also multiple infections of HPV-HR were observed in the infected women. The correlation between gene expression, histopathology and HPV virus showed a significant increase of folding values of the genes mi-RNA744 and caspase-3 parallel to decrease of folding value of the gene Bcl-2 which indicated that the apoptosis rate was increased with the histopathology grade where the highest level of expression of the genes was in carcinoma. The results also revealed that mi-RNA744 could be up regulator of the gene caspase-3 and down regulator of the gene Bcl-2.