Study of some hormonal changes in women with polycystic ovary syndrome in Kirkuk city


The present study was conducted to find the correlation between certain hormones levels and PCOS. The study used two hundred volunteers (One hundred forty eight with polycystic ovary syndrome and fifty two apparently healthy subjects). Patients were divided to three groups according to their age. The first group was include apparently healthy and patients between 12-21 year, while second group was include age between 22-32 year, the third group was include age 32-41 year. Serological assays showed an increas in LH, Leptin, inhibin b and insulin resistance in all patient groups. Moreover, all parameter levels showed significant increas (P<0.05) in all patients compared with all healthy subject groups. While, FSH levels still normal in both groups and there is no significant changes comparing with healthy groups. It was concluded from this study that the polycystic ovary syndrome led to several hormonal changes.