The role of single nucleotide polymorphism (C/T) of TGF-β1 gene at position -509 in the promoter region in progression of breast cancer among some Iraqi women


: Risk of breast cancer incidence among women can influence by many genes polymorphisms that cause different variations in their expression. Transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1) has clear role in progression and invasion of breast carcinoma. Specific polymorphic variants in TGF-β1 gene correlate with increased its expression or loss of inhibition. This study was aimed to find out if the single nucleotide polymorphism C/T at position -509 in the promoter region of TGF-β1 gene with its genotypes can be considered as predisposing factors of in 58 Iraqi women with confirmed breast cancer who were admitted to Alsader Teaching Hospital in Al-Najaf province. Polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism technique was used to estimate genotyping of TGF-β1 gene polymorphism in the patients and 30 healthy women without any inflammatory disorders or clinical manifestation of any disease (control group). Genotype distributions of SNP (-509 C/T) showed no significant difference (p˃0.05) between patients (CC: n= 45, 77.58%; CT: n=11, 18.96%; TT: n=2, 3.44%) and controls (CC: n= 25, 83.33%; CT: n=5, 16.66%; TT: n=0). That means the SNP C/T in position 509 in the promoter region of TGF-β1 gene plays no significant role in the progression of breast cancer among Iraqi female patients.