Polymorphism in promoters of TLR-2 gene in Iraqi patients with tuberculosis


Despite the existence of Tuberculosis control programs globally, TB remains one of the major public health problems worldwide. It is one of the greatest challenges, which face health systems in the 21st century. A defect in the genes of the immune response is the most plausible explanation for susceptibility of some individuals and resistance of others to TB. TLR2(CD282) is one of the toll-like receptors and plays a role in the immune system. TLR2 is present on the surface of certain cells and it distinguishes foreign bodies, also it have role in passing of adequate signals to the cells of the immune system. The main goal of this study is to produce molecular analysis for promoter of TLR-2 genes in Iraqi patients with TB. Seventy-four blood specimens were collected from 74 patients in the Institute of the Tuberculosis and Chest Disease–Basra city's, blood specimens also collected from 74 healthy individuals as control. Extracted DNA was amplified using set of specific primers for promoter regions TLR-2 gene; amplified amplicons were sequenced and analyzed. Genotyping of TLR-2 gene promoter revealed that out of 74 found with TB, 38 (51.3%) patients found to possess C allele (T→C), while 36 (48.7%) possessed T allele. C allele presents only in heterozygous state in Iraqi society, and closely correlated with increasing susceptibility of some individuals to TB.