Accuracy Assessment of Stonex X-300 Laser Scanner Cameras


Assessment the actual accuracy of laboratory devices prior to first use is very important to know the capabilities of such devices and employ them in multiple domains. As the manual of the device provides information and values in laboratory conditions for the accuracy of these devices, thus the actual evaluation process is necessary.In this paper, the accuracy of laser scanner (stonex X-300) cameras were evaluated, so that those cameras attached to the device and lead supporting role in it. This is particularly because the device manual did not contain sufficient information about those cameras.To know the accuracy when using these cameras in close range photogrammetry, laser scanning (stonex X-300) device is used to obtain photos of a board including (23) ground control points on it, those observed from two stations and adjusted by using equations of the 3D adjusted triangulation networks by lengths and angles (hybrid routine). (10) GCPs and (13) checkpoints were used to compare the Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) of checkpoints that result from using laser scan cameras with (RMSE) of the same checkpoints that result from using digital photos (Nikon 5200D).The result of (RMSE) comparison was( 58.9 mm.) in the X direction, ( 10.5 mm.) in the Y direction and( 0.09 mm.) in the Z direction.