Evaluation of primary health care services in the typical family care centers in the province of Kirkuk


The study seeks to diagnose the fundamental criteria that must be the focus of management model health centers in the evaluation of services and stand on the reality of the conduct of services provided to citizens by the centers. The study relied on a method of case study and to achieve its goals was the development of a checklist included (7) Head of Standards (Family Medicine, administrative indicators, medical units, Unit laboratory, radiology unit, unit pharmacy, hotel services) falls under each criterion standard measurement indicators. It included a study (5) model health centers in the province of Kirkuk. Results of the study showed that the highest percentage assessment of the health services to the fourth quarter of 2015 the level of the share of the pilgrims center compared to other centers under study, while the lowest percentage evaluation of the share Wasti Center, the highest evaluation standards at the level of the centers as a whole is standard indicators Management has received the highest rate applied in most of the centers, while the standard radiology unit has received the lowest evaluation on the level of most of the centers under study, while the highest proportion of evaluation at the level of the four seasons of the year in 2015 was the share of pilgrims center, and the lowest percentage assessment share Wasti center. The study made a number of proposals was the most important, is to provide high quality health services should be provided with the human, financial and material requirements for health centers.