The evaluation of role in investing the financial resources A practical study about Djila and Furat bank For Development and Investment 2014- 2009


It is known that Islamic banks perform activities according to Islamic shariah principles and play an instrumental role in investment and economic development. This has a great impact on boosting the standard of living of the individuals and societies up to the prosperity and achieving balance and social solidarity through committing to the religious rules and employing various methods such as lucrative Murabaha, Musharakah, Mudaraba and the non-profitable loan. This research aims at figuring the role of the Islamic banks and their abilities of investing and utilizing the financial resources through assessing the economic role of the Dijla and Furat banks by a group of financial indicators during the period of the research. Some criteria were used in measuring the role of the bank in deployment and investment on the basis of the investment techniques level and the investment fields level. The research has come up with some suggestions and conclusions.