Total mysticism in the statement bully "study and investigation"


The manuscript of Sufism in the Fatwa Statement by an unknown author is presented in three unrelated pages , the first contains (1A)deals with Al-Fatiha surat which had described as useful ring to everything whereas the two pages (2A,1b) contains talisman interspersed with Quranic verses explaining the usefulness of each of them, and we do not know the reason for their status and the scientific honesty we have been obliged to mention as they came. The author divides the manuscript into two parts. The first includes a letter in the statement of the bully that is folded into seven sections without naming the first part , as it begins with the name of the second and after the fifth part , He says the seventh part, which is supposed to be the sixth one ,but , The second section deals with 50 questions and answers from the books of Abdul Ghani al-Nabulsi, as the author points out, which makes us think that he lived in his age, ie in the century (12AH / 18AD). The benefit of the manuscript lies in clarifying the path of Sufism and the creation of the ethics of Sufism, which is based on asceticism and the purity of the human soul and its purity, so that man may enjoy the satisfaction of God in this world and win the blessing of others.