The electronic configuration of Fe-Ni alloy's system by Compton profile probe


The calculated values of Compton profile of Fe,Ni metals and their two alloys namely Fe0.5-Ni0.5 and Fe0.64-Ni0.36 are reported. The Renormalized Free Atom(RFA) model are used to determine the most favored electron configurations for the two metals which are found to be Fe(3d6.7-4s1.3) and Ni(3d8.8-4s1.2) respectively ,the values for FREE ELECTRON(FE) model and FREE ATOM(FA) were calculated for the same also. The Super Position model were used to find the Compton profile values for the two alloys .All theoretical values for the two metals as well as their alloys are compared with the recent available experimental and theoretical values and they show a good agreement.