Determination of the effect of oxidation on attenuation coefficient of (X-ray) by Cu, Zn and their alloys


In this paper we study the effect of the oxidation on the values of total attenuation coefficient for the samples (Cu ,Zn and their alloys Brass (70%Cu +30%Zn), (60%Cu+40%Zn)) . The samples thicknesses chosen (0.02-0.1) cm, the Mo-X-ray tube used with the voltages (20-25-30-35) KV, the effect of oxidation on (µ_L , µ_m) were studied by using the graphic relations, where the effect of oxidation at temperature (100 ˚C) and oxidation time (1.5,6) hours on the linear and mass attenuation coefficients are studied .It is concluded that best results were achieved for (µL , µm) at (100 ˚C) after six hours where (µL) increased by the ratio (7.14%,5.76%,8.62%3.77%) respectively, while (µm) increased by (7.05%, 5.79%,10.05%,3.55%) respectively by comparing with oxidized samples for time (1.5) hours at voltage 20 KV, it is found a linear relation between the linear and mass attenuation coefficient with the oxidation time. While they are inversely related with increasing X-ray voltages. the effect of oxidation on the structural from of the studied materials was also examined using both the scanning electron microscope and the X-ray diffraction examination.