The propaganda content of the elements of expression in the face of the promotion of terrorist thought (Military information of the popular crowd model)


The propaganda war is one of the most dangerous weapons used in various conditions of war and peace within any intellectual, political or military conflict to be targeted by multiple social groups and their effects on the intellectuals to change the viewpoints at the local and global level, including the use of technical treatment of the audio and visual medium, The impact of the psychological dimensions of the arms in the confrontation and spread terror in the ranks of the enemies and in the forefront of what Iraq faces in its battle against the And the use of it as a propaganda content contributes to the development of the spirit of tranquility and tranquility in the hearts of Iraqis and the return of the right to the owners “that artistic expression can not be achieved not through something to turn into that exciting or sensory stimuli .... Only after the hand of the artist has spread to them created from them Aesthetically felt “(), hence the problem of research in the following question: What is the role of the elements of cinematic expression as an intermediary within the structure of the work of art to counter the promotion of radical ideas for the terrorist?