Response of four Varity of potato (Solanumtuberosum L.)to different concentration of Humic acid under Plastic houses conditions.


This study was carried out during the Agricultural season 2016 -2017 in the College of Agriculture/ University of Dohuk /Kurdistan region/ Iraq to study the effect of spraying Humic acid at three concentrations i.e. (0, 9 and 18ml.L-1on four cultivars of potato(Solanumtuberosum L.) i.e.(Sifra, Ravila, Silvana and Fabyoula ) that grown under plastic houses conditions.The results indicated that the all cultivars was good in vegetative growth, quality and yield characteristic especially cultivars Rvillo that gave high yield per plant and per square meter significantly, compared with other cultivars. Also spraying plant with a concentration 18ml.L-1 of humic acid with all cultivars gave goodresults especially in Ravillo cultivars compared with unsparing plant that gave the lower yield and less tuber number per plant.


Potato, Humic acid