Evaluation the effect of platelet rich fibrin matrix on bone healing


Background: This study was carried out to evaluate the histological and radiographical behavior of newly developed
platelet rich fibrin matrix as bone filler for dental socket after tooth extraction.
Materials and methods: Twenty four rabbits were used for extraction of upper central incisors under general
anesthesia .The left side was filled with platelet rich fibrin matrix material and the right side was left for normal healing
as control group .The two sockets were sutured.
Results: The results were studies histologically after 1,2,3,4 weeks postoperatively. The histological examination was
performed under light microscope for the section stained with heamatoxyline and eosin with assessment of
histometric analysis including counting of bone cells osteoblast, osteocyte, bone trabecular number, bone
trabecular width, bone trabecular separation, cortical width ,blood vessel number and bone marrow space volume
at the 2nd ,3rd and 4th week periods interval post operatively. Histological examination showed the acceleration of
bone formation and more rapid healing process in the socket filled with PRFM than in the control socket.
Radiographical examinations showed that the process of ossification of the socket filled with PRFM started after 2
weeks and completely filled with radiopacity after 4weeks.
Conclusion: This study was illustrated that PRFM material was osteoinductive material that enhances of osteogenesis
process in the extraction tooth socket in comparison to the normal physiological healing process. The results show a
positive effect of PRFM and it can be suggested for beneficial use in the practice of dentistry.
Key words: Platelet rich fibrin matrix, tooth extraction, healing process. (J Bagh Coll Dentistry 2011;23(4):65-70).