Immune and molecular detection of patato virus M on potato plant in some regions of Iraq


This study carried out in the laboratory of plant pathology at college of Agriculture / University of Baghdad and Jeser AL-Museb laboratory . It aimed at investigating potato virus M on potato plants (Solanum tuberosum) in some regions of Iraq molecularly by using reverse transcription - polymerase chain reaction depending on the primers (PVM (R) , PVM (F) , Car f1, Carla cp , Carla uni , Uligo dt and M4t ) and double antibody sandwish enzyme – linked immunosorbent assay depending on antibodies specialized on PVM .ELISA antibodies specialized on PVM results indicated that there were different readings in the regions under the study after one day from infection , the highest reading was in ALSuera District at 3.318 , the lowest reading was in the same District too at 3.380 .The highest reading average was in ALSuera District at 1.0826 while the lowest reading average was in ALMahmodia district at 0.622 .Molecular tests (RT-PCR) results showed nucleotide straps formation in electrophoreses gel at 300 pb by using Uligo dt 17 ، Carla uni ، PVM(F) ، PVM(R) primers and 300 , 400 , 500 pb as double bands for the samples collected from Abo Ghreeb district by using Car f 1 ، Carla cp ، Carla uni ، Uligo dt 17 ، M4t ،PVM(F) ، PVM(R) primers , the straps of samples that are collected from ALMuseeb distract was at 400 pb by using the primer PVM F+R , while the samples collected from ALSuera District recorded 300 , 400 , 500 pb as double and single bands . while bands in Almhmodia district was at 300 pb and 300 , 400 and 500 as single and double band in ALYusifia