Depression InType2 Diabetic Patients In Al-Diwaniyah Teaching Hospital


Objectives: Depression is commonly found as a comorbid condition in chronic medical illnesses in general, and diabetes mellitus (DM) in particular. Patients with diabetes are twice as likely to suffer from depression as compared to the general population. The aims of the study were to estimate: the prevalence of depression in type 2diabetic patients and its severity, the rate of depression in type 2 diabetes in relation to socio-demographic variables, and to find out the correlation of depression with some diabetes variablesMethods:100 Iraqi patients with type 2 DM compared with 100 persons from general population as control group participated in across sectional study. Participants were interviewed using: a semi-structured interview schedule based on ICD-10, diagnostic criteria for depression ,Beck depression inventory II for severity of depression and socio demographic questionnaire.Results: The prevalence rate of depression in type 2 diabetes was 44%. The rate of depression was higher for females, married, housewife ,those of secondary level education, in age group(50-59),those of poor glycemic control, with long duration of diabetes, in patients on insulin and those with cardiovascular complication. Conclusions: Depression is more common in type2 diabetic patients than in normal individuals. This will necessitate the need for more attention and screening for such conditions, which plays a role in the patients state physically and mentally.