Intracapsular fracture of the neck femur in age group between 20-50 years ,the result of Internal fixation with cannulated screws


Background: Femoral neck fracture represent important subject because it has many complications and followed by morbidity , prospective study was done on (20) patient, The treatment options of femoral neck fracture are many ,we choose treatment with cannulated screws and evaluatethe result of it regarding the union rate and occurrence of the complications. Patients and Methods:This study was performed on 20 patients with femoral neck fractures in period between September 2009 and September 2010 in orthopedic department in the Hospital for Specialized Surgeries in medical city/ Baghdad ,we did preoperative assessment to them and including radiological examination ,laboratory investigations to identify medical diseases and treat them ,classify patient according garden classification and Treated by reduction of displaced fractures and capsulatomy and then fixation with three cannulated secrew Results: Twenty patients with femoral neck fractures 7 females 35%, and 13 males 65%, 12 patients were left-sided 60%, 8 patients were right-sided 40%.11 patients were with undisplaced femoral neck fractures (55%), 9 patients with displaced femoral neck fractures (45%). The age of the patients was ranging from 20 – 50year ,The result of our study was indicated that union rate of 85% , and 25% of vascular necrosis. Conclusions: the cannulated hip screws is a good method of fixation regarding union rate and low complication rate , the result of treatment is influenced mainly by the fracture displacement and quality of reduction and time of surgery.